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The spring is here! Enjoy it!


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Victor Pavlov self portret watercolour

Painting to me is like melody is to a musician, or movements are to a dancer. It helps me to discover, define and to express my feelings, thoughts, and concepts. Art is primary, arguably intuitive form of communication, which is a visual manifestation of emotions, inspirations, observations, and ideas. It is a spiritual journey in search of our origin and purpose.

Victor Pavlov


to view my recent work from life-drawing sessions visit my facebook album. 


The book "Polka-Dot Troubles" is out! This is a great story for kids age 4 to 10 year old written in rhymes. On the end of the book I've included some amazing facts related to ladybugs.

Look inside and let me know what you think!

The French  and Bulgarian versions are available as well.

 Drop me a line for more info

Here is the Audio File in English



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Victor Pavlov was a member of:

bulletOttawa Watercolour Society
bulletAOE Arts Council
Ottawa Watercolour Society fellowship certificat


A fellow of the Ottawa Watercolour Society (OWS), is the highest membership standing of the OWS and it is the highest accomplishment of excellence in both skill and watercolour painting.


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