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Memorable gift for any child.

Get it for only $16 (tax included) if you arrange to pick it up.


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Telephone: (819) 561-5741


Book description:

A little ladybug is very sad since she realized that she has no dots on her back.
With the help of her friends she managed to find a solution to her troubles.


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Polka-Dot Troubles

ISBN 978-1-926945-17-0

Published by Baico Publishing Inc.


To look inside click on the image bellow: Polka-dot troubles cover page

Book Price including shipping and handling:


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Who is the targeted audience?

The ladybug's story is for kids 4 to 8 year old

with a rich vocabulary presented in rhymes.

I supported the story with colourful illustrations that

will engage child's imagination and interest.

The book also contains an educational section

related to: "Amazing facts about ladybugs", their

life cycle and anatomy. Pictures of the most

common lady beetles in Ontario and in

North America are presented with their scientific

names and a brief description of habitat and


Although the book is for kids, I will be glad

if the parents find it interesting as well.

What is the reason for creating the book?

My goal was to create a book similar to these,

which I remember from my childhood and I still

enjoy reading. My efforts and sleepless nights ,

during the creation of the book, will make sense

if the book inspires children to observe and

respect nature, and use the book as a source

for their first scientific assignment or research.


I hope it will increase the public interest and

knowledge of such a beautiful beetle, which

provides clean natural alternative to the

industrial agriculture pesticides production.

Hopefully people who know only the aesthetical

value of the beetle, will be pleasantly surprised

to find its place in preserving the fragile global environmental balance.

A poster 12.5"x19" is now available

(click on the image to enlarge it).

Price $7 (tax included) if you pick it up

Poster from the book with hidden image of Mother Nature



The poster is based on an illustration

from the book "Polka-Dot Troubles".

There is a hidden image in it.


Can you find Mother Nature in this picture?

(click on the image to enlarge it)

If you have comments drop me a line!  I will publish them on the Reader's Comments section.



Do not hesitate to contact me to get your copy.

The price of the book is only $16 (tax included) if you arrange to pick it up.


My best regards, dear reader!


Victor Pavlov

48 D'Alsace, Gatineau

Qc. J8T4N4

Tel. (819) 561-5742


The French version will be published soon.


The book is also available at:


THIBO bookstore

200 Promenade du Portage

Gatineau, Qc J8X4B7

Tel:819 777-8284

Monday to Friday 9:00 to 17:00


Caleidoskop kids' books

1018 Bank Street

Ottawa, Ont. K1S3W8

Tel:613 232-7402

Monday to Saturday 9:30 to 17:30

Sunday 10:00 to 16:00


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  Reader's comments about the book:

Hey Victor, I really enjoyed your book!!!!!

The Story is a very enchanting! The artwork is beautiful and engaging – the pictures really capture the mood of a magical land. I like how the pictures were nicely interspersed with the text. The pictures on page 3 remind me of children’s books I used to read when I was a kid – maybe it was the shape of the picture outline or the light tones, I’m not sure why it triggered those memories but the result is very effective. The darker toned pictures really draw the reader into the scene and the colours look very rich.  The characters are great – I like how each have their own uniqueness. Good attention to detail - I really liked the ladybug page numbers and the ‘this book belongs to’ – it really helps to personalize the book. I was glad that you put the ‘science facts’ at the end so that it did not interfere with the flow of the story. The front and back covers make the book look very enticing and immediately show quality.

Really great, enjoyable work!!!!



I got it and just read it cover to cover! You are an amazing illustrator and I can’t believe you rhymed the whole thing so perfectly. And I loved the intro about finishing the book after so long. A brilliant children’s book.




This is a really cool project!




Looks like a great book! I LOVE the illustrations.




Many thanks for the copy of your delightful "Polka-Dot Troubles". Congratulations! I hope that it is very successful and sells a million copies!


This wonderful art work I received from Sarah. Thank you so much Sarah! Your Ladybird is so beautiful!


Child drawing of a ladybug


Sylvie Sabourin sent me this lovely image of a lady beetle - Coccinella Calligrapha. She found it in her garden in Stittsville, Ontario on May 26th, 2011 . Sylvie is a friend and a great photographer too so I am glad she shares with us this beautiful picture. Thank you Sylvie.

Image of a lady beetle - Coccinella Calligrapha Copyright ©2011 Sylvie Sabourin


Beautifully illustrated, creative writing that is both entertaining and educational!


You could check  more reviews on GOOGLE Books  or even write one.  I value your opinion.

Karen Dumanski created this wonderful Polka-Dot Troubles cake. So delicious! Thank you Karen!

Image of a ladybird cake



Copyright ©Victor Pavlov 2011




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